Adieu dearest visitor, and welcome to Shine, an in-depth and text-heavy tribute to the optimistic Polka of the JRPG, Eternal Sonata. Otherwise to be titled, "Why Happy Protagonists Are So Important". Whilst not the usual sword-wielding protagonist, Polka plays a very important role, and that deserves to be mentioned and highlighted. This shrine attempts to analyze both Polka and the journey she takes, as well as the people she meets along the way. There's also gameplay information to ensure you use the girl to her utmost potential. Because why wouldn't you want that?

As always, please beware of heavy spoilers through the shrine. Or at least past the Intro page, anyway. This shrine is also quite text-heavy, meaning there are no image galleries or media galleries. This shrine also intends to focus on the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata, so any gameplay information will be imputed with PS3 controls.

Navigation to the left! This shrine was made to be read in order, so please go in order. That said, please enjoy your browsing experience and have a wonderful stay.

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Re: Layout

This layout is so cute... I love it so much. I strayed from my usual coding style and used some different fonts and headers, and I'm really happy with how it came out! Polka has such adorable artwork to work with, so designing the layout was also a rather fun experience. It may look simple but I'm telling you right now I used so many textures in this, lol.

Texture credits go to Anne Pearl, Vierawood, and Dearest. All images of Polka and throughout are found at Creative Uncut. The Playstation button pixels were made by me, so please don't take them without permission. You're more than welcome to credit me, just don't claim them as yours without credit. Everything else was done by me. This layout was designed in Adobe Photoshop CS2, and coded in Notepad++. It is optimized for the best view in Google Chrome, in at least a 800x600px resolution.